Moonbi Crescent, Frenchs Forest

Moonbi Crescent, Frenchs Forest

Location: 12 Moonbi Crescent, Frenchs Forest

Architect: Sally Gardner Design

Engineers: Tihanyi Consulting Engineers

Private Certifier: Get Certified Building Services (Greg Hough)

Build date: 2014/15

For this project we pulled out the excavators right from the start to demolish the existing garage, laundry and concrete driveway. Over the next six weeks we had to prop and support the two storey house above and lower the ground level beside and below the structure to accomodate the new double garage and staircase. This was an incredible challenging excavation and with great care and an experienced approach, the slab, retaining walls and structural steel were all installed without a hitch, leaving the existing house above perfectly resting on the new building below.

We pride ourselves on our attention to stormwater management which was none more evident than on this project. With an underground water seam through the sandstone bedrock flowing non stop behind the garage walls, our skills and knowledge were put to the test. Once completed, the internal spaces have remained completely water tight and remain that way!

A ground floor dining room and adjoining timber deck as well as an upper floor master ensuite and walk-in robe completed the addition. Replacement of the roof and extensive garden retaining walls capped it all off!

Another pair of happy clients and a home that looks fantastic!